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AUD$80.00  AUD$18.95 To make eyeglasses affordable and accessible to everyone is the leading online retailer for prescription eyeglasses committed to bringing optimal vision to customers around the world, especially Australia, without sacrificing quality, style and, most importantly, affordable prices. Launched in 2009, believes that vision care is a fundamental right for everyone. Offering an assortment of eyeglasses that run the gamut from functional and sturdy to fashion-forward and lightweight, has something for everyone including designer eyeglasses frames. For more information, please visit us at

The shortage of affordable and accessible eyeglasses is one of the world's largest solvable problems;
more than one billion people across the globe require eyeglasses but are unable to afford them. Without suitable eyeglasses, these people are often handicapped and performing simple tasks becomes slower, more arduous, and at times, simply impossible.

At we believe that every person should be able to own a pair of eyeglasses.
While Governments and non-profits are doing invaluable work toward this end, founders and employees recognize that only a strong relationship between business and the community will succeed in reaching this goal.

The internet has triggered lasting changes in the way people communicate, and in the way the optical industry can benefit the vision impaired. and its customers thrive on these changes. By designing, manufacturing and distributing its eyeglasses, is able to pass on significant savings to its customers, making eyeglasses far more affordable and accessible. is the ultimate opportunity to create value, not only as a business, but as an organization that cares and actively contributes to the community. is a fast growing company, specializing in custom-made high quality and affordable eyeglasses provided directly to the end user.
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The social aspect of our work has further enhanced the efficiency, service and collaborative nature of
By embracing corporate social responsibility as a guiding approach, we have deepened our understanding of our customers' needs and expectations, increased the collaboration with partners and suppliers, and engaged our team, all to further increase efficiency and improve the service to our customers. is about what we as a company do to bring positive change in society by focusing on our core business.
By making eyeglasses affordable and accessible, we give our customers the gift of sight; we enable them to read and learn, work, and experience life while enjoying the marvels of this world. benefits from doing work that makes more people better off.
We have the resources, the skills, the equipment, the knowledge, and most importantly the will, to contribute in the best way we know how - providing made-to-prescription eyeglasses to those who need them, at a price they can afford. - the smartest place to buy affordable eyeglasses.

Since 2009, has changed the way people buy eyeglasses and revolutionized the optical industry by making prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses affordable to the masses - making vision care accessible. With a wide variety of high quality, fashionable eyeglass frames to choose from, has become an industry leader that is committed to bringing you optimal vision at a price you can afford.

So many people are handicapped by the lack of accessible vision care and more than 60% of the population needs vision correction - many without the ability to afford a simple pair of glasses. set out to change that by offering high quality frames and lenses that exceed the quality of what you’ll find offline and at a lower price. We work hard to make quality eyeglasses attainable to the public and we believe that every person who needs glasses should be able to have the highest quality glasses at prices they can afford.

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At, you can buy a complete pair of glasses with standard single vision lenses for as little as $38! You can search through large selection of high quality frames all while sitting on your couch and if you need to upgrade to a thinner lens or want to add Transitions or tinted lenses, we make it affordable and as easy as clicking a box!

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Ordering your prescription eyeglasses shouldn’t be difficult and makes buying glasses online as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply receive an up-to-date prescription from your eye doctor and choose from a variety of fashionable frames. Then sit back and relax with confidence because your glasses are on their way to your door!

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When you shop with, your shopping experience is safe and secure! We apply the latest technologies to assure your online transaction is secure, including VeriSign® SSL Trust Seal and Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. Additionally, our BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Bizrate ratings are set by our previous customers - giving you more confidence in your shopping experience. respects your privacy and we will never share your details with any third parties.

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Our customers trust that they are getting high quality prescription glasses with fast shipping while paying up to 80% less than they would pay at a traditional optical store. When they shop with us, they shop with confidence! After searching through a large collection of private and designer labels, our customers know that they are getting the best price on top quality eyeglass frames and lenses by paying a quarter of what they would pay elsewhere - even for designer frames. We work hard to ensure our customers walk away with a positive shopping experience!

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